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If you have subscribed for Telus Internet Package, Login To TELUS Webmail below.


Troubled by email login Issue? Please see the troubleshooting section for self-help or get direct assistance from Email Support.


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How to Troubleshoot Telus Webmail Login Error?

Troubleshooting steps to fix all possible causes stopping sign-in to TELUS Webmail


Telus Webmail Access not yet Approved

If you have paid the subscription fee for Telus email account but can’t access it then, please first see if you're getting the message – "Sorry! The username and password you entered do not match our records?"

If so- then, you need the following help:

  1. Check on your bill card- the type of account you have subscribed for.
  2. If it’s a consumer account, please confirm- if there’s any pending request.
  3. For business account, you need to contact the Account Manager and confirm- whether your account access request has been approved or not.

To know more about your Telus account management, you may even ask Email Support team for assistance.

Important: Ensure that your Telus Internet bill is paid and your account remains in good standing.





telus-email-account-not-activated email account not activated

While you subscribe for email service, a confirmation email is sent onto your shared email address in the information (you provided).

  1. You must click on the link in email and confirm your identity to successfully complete the Telus webmail process.
  2. In case, you haven’t received any email or your email service stopped all of a sudden then, View and Pay your bill in seconds.
  3. However, if you feel you’re done with all the formalities but still Webmail sign in is bothering you then, ask Email Support team for your immediate help.

Note: If you’re good with technical stuff, you may even check out the Troubleshooting section for self-help articles.


Forgot or Misspelled Telus Webmail Login Credentials

Before you run out of login attempts, we recommend you to check for the following points. Later, if the issue persists- you may attend the recommended troubleshooting steps.

Key Points to Practice before every Telus webmail Login:

  1. Make sure you are using the upgraded URL with no spelling error to sign in your account.
  2. Also, check your keyboard and ensure the Caps lock is off while you are typing Telus webmail login credentials.
  3. Use the current password. In case, you can’t remember- learn to reset Telus email password.

If you can’t remember your webmail username, then check for the registered email address (that you shared) at the time of subscription.

Important: You need to have either consumer or business account for this process.


Forgot or Misspelled Telus Webmail Login Credentials



Telus Webmail Account Locked or Deactivated Webmail Account Locked or Deactivated

Your webmail account locked or deactivated are two different Telus webmail issues.

  1. When your email account gets locked, it implies you have exceeded the sign in attempt (s) limit.
  2. However, if the account is deactivated that means your account no longer exists due to non-payment of bill or some other XYZ reason.

Whatever your current situation is- you need to contact Email Support for unlocking or deactivating your Telus account.

Most Common Webmail Issues - We Resolve Daily

Find solutions to some highly reported and annoying Telus Webmail errors


roadrunner email password forget

Telus Webmail not working

Run your browser window in "No Add-Ons" mode or use some other browser window- in case you're having tough time dealing with Telus webmail login. For persisting issue, reset browser settings to get the default parental control settings.

poor internet connection

Can't Send/Receive Telus Email

Adjust network adapter settings of your system- if you failed to send or receive Telus emails on your account. Besides this, don’t forget to check the space left in the webmail as, the maximum storage space (provided) is 5 GB.

browser incomptaible for rr email

Unable to Register for My Telus

If you have trouble registering your account then, diagnose your device and email to find the possible reason, first. Generally, there are 9 causes which trigger registration error. Below are the solutions for each error/ reason.

time warner cable email virus attack

Forgot Password/Username

Ensure you have activated your Telus Services account, the login credentials that you’re typing are absolutely correct and your webmail Telus account isn’t locked. If it’s a yes for any reason (mentioned above), get your solution.

How to Setup email on other Devices?

Select your device from the list below and follow the steps to setup TELUS email.


How do I setup Telus on email client installed in Computer?

Ensure your device is updated and you have all the Windows Prerequisites 2012 on your computer if you have missed out any in the past. Now, to learn more on the email account setup- follow these steps:

  1. Launch your email client application like Windows Live Mail or Outlook.
  2. From its taskbar, select Accounts-> Email.
  3. Complete the form on ‘Add email account’ windows as follows:
    • Email address: Type email address
    • Password: Your email account password
  4. Note: If you’ve forgotten the password, learn to reset email password with the help of Email agents online.

    • Select Remember this password checkbox
    • Display Name for sent messages: Type your name that recipients would see when they receive email from you.
    • Check 'Manually configure server settings' box.
  5. Once the form completes, navigate to server settings screen and type the information as follows:
    • Incoming server information:
      • Server type: IMAP
      • Server address:
      • Port: 993
      • Secure connection: SSL
      • Authenticate using: Clear text
      • Login user name: Your email username
    • Outgoing server information:
      • Server Type: SMTP
      • Server address:
      • Port: 465
      • Secure Connection: SSL
  6. Click Next and Finish.

YOUR email account is setup on your client.

You may setup on following email clients:

Windows 10 Email Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
Windows Live Mail 2012 Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010
roadrunner email login and setup outlook

Set up TELUS Email on your Apple iPhone or iPad

For this Telus email setup process, you will require Telus Webmail login username and password. If you have the credentials, simply attend the procedure stated below:

  1. Open your Settings on iPhone or iPad and tap on ‘Account & passwords’ ->’Add Account’ option.
  2. Tap on ‘Other’ and ‘Add mail Account’.
  3. Type your Telus email address, password, name, and account description.
  4. Tap on Next to allow the TELUS mail find your email settings automatically and complete the account setup.

However, if the email settings are not detected automatically then, you need to enter them manually. The steps for manual email setup are as follows:

  1. Enter your Telus webmail login credentials and select IMAP as incoming server type.
  2. Enter the following information in rest for the window:
    • Incoming Mail Server
      • Hostname:
      • Username:
      • Password: Your Webmail password
    • Outgoing Mail Server
      • Hostname:
      • Username:
      • Password: Your Webmail password
  3. If the settings are correct- they will be saved otherwise, you’ll get a prompt to edit them.

TELUS Email settings when you are traveling internationally:

  1. Open Settings -> Mail -> Accounts.
  2. Choose your Telus Email account and under advanced tab scroll to bottom and enter the settings as follows:
    • Use SSL: On
    • Authentication: Password
    • IMAP Path Prefix: /
    • Server Port: 993
  3. Press "Account" to go back and choose SMTP to confirm outgoing mail server settings.
    • Primary server:
    • Server: On
    • Hostname:
    • Username: Your email address
    • Password: Your password
    • Use SSL: On
    • Authentication: Password
    • Server port: 1025
  4. Tap Save after these settings is entered.

Note: In case, these email settings are not working in the country you are in, choose from any device.

tec email login and setup iphone

How to access email account on your Android device?

Following steps will help you setup and access email on your Android Smartphone or Tablet only. If your phone has iOS then, click on iPhone/ iPad tab for the relevant steps.

  1. Open the Email app embedded in your mobile device.
  2. In case, this is your first email setup- your configuration will begin automatically.
  3. However, if you already have an email account on this mobile app, select Menu -> Settings-> Add Account (+) option.
  4. Type your email address and password.
  5. Choose Manual setup and fill in the below-provided information in the window:
    • Account type: IMAP
    • Enter the following information for Incoming server settings:
      • Username: Your email address
      • Password: Your email password

      Note: If you forgot your email password, reset it.

      • IMAP server:
      • Security type: SSL
      • Port: 993
  6. Next, go to Outgoing server settings and type in the following information:
    • Server Type: SMTP
    • SMTP server:
    • Security type: SSL
    • Port: 465

    Note: Use Telus webmail login address, in case the settings are incompatible in the country you are currently present in.

    • Require sign-in: Checked
    • Username: Your email address
    • Password: Your email password
  7. Configure the account options and type your email account and display name to finally, complete the email setup.

YOUR email account is setup on Android device.

rr email login and setup andriod

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Frequently Asked Questions


One Webmail account allows you to store 10 personal contacts. However, after you purchase Telus Internet package, you may setup 9 more email account.

So, that concludes- You may add 1000 contacts in the Telus webmail address book.

TELUS Webmail provides 5 GB of storage space. And, to know the amount of space available with you, simply place your mouse pointer over the name located in top-right corner of window.

Moreover, when 90% of your webmail space is utilized- you'll get an email notification.

For users- who want to access their webmail from multiple locations or devices, the service is available. In fact, we also recommend that you access email as both Webmail and 3rd party email client. For email clients, you just need to set the incoming server settings as ''.

YES. TELUS Spam Control is available for all its internet customers. It is a high-performance solution that will prohibit your system from slowing down. In turn, this is quite helpful when you receive or deliver your Telus email.

Yes, you may easily visit ‘’ address from your phone's WAP browser. This will allow you to access both your messages and contacts.

When you create Telus webmail address book, it will ask you to share contact person's names, email address, and postal address. You may later search for the specific contact by sorting them as name or email address. Telus webmail can easily remember and recall the email address that you assigned to each name and helps you get the same while you are writing an email.

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