Remote Access

Remote Access Policy

Email Desktop Gold support will access and fix any Email issue remotely, only after you acknowledge to agree with the following defined terms.

While seeking technical assistance, you will need to provide remote access to your system to Email Desktop Gold experts. Our Techies use secure and certified software that asks your permission prior to the system’s remote access. Your granted permission to remotely access the system enhances our ability to resolve your technical problems instantly. In fact, all the activities performed on your PC by the experts are in front of you and recorded for stern quality and security standards.

However, before providing remote access* to the tech support experts, make sure:

  1. You have enclosed all the personnel or confidential files,
  2. Have created a back up for all the important files,

*Remote Access is provided at user’s own risk.

We have a strict policy, complying with which none of our Techies is expected to download or copy any file or information from your equipment. Your name and other contact details will be accessed for processing your technical support request in accordance with the company’s privacy policy at