My AO.L. Desktop Gold is slow. What should I do?

Published On: January 31, 2019 Category: Guide

When AO.L. Desktop Gold is slow or runs sluggishly- we understand how annoying a situation can be!!

So, if you are also struggling against this problem & want to get rid of its root causes- read the post for relevant solutions.

AOL Desktop Gold is slow

AO.L. Desktop Gold is Slow: Here’s Your Solution

Implement the following solutions one-by-one unless you get rid of extremely slow working AO.L. Desktop Gold.

Important :- Before performing any of troubleshooting. Uninstall ao.l. gold and than download AO.L. desktop gold latest and do install it.

Solution 1: Restart Your PC

restart you pc

This solution might sound basic but starting from the scratch to fix slow running Desktop Gold is the wise thing.

Close all the programs or files currently running on your PC and click on Restart button from the ‘Power button action.’

Note: The action will help you clear all the internal memory or RAM that result in better software performance.

Solution 2: Enable Essential Startup Programs Only

If your AO.L. Desktop Gold works sluggishly, you can follow these steps for Windows version.

Note:  The steps are defined in reference to Windows 10 but the process will remain same for other Windows version as well-only the terms used may differ.

disable windows startup programs

  • Open Task Manager Window and choose Startup
  • Select all the unessential programs and click on Disable button
  • You must repeat the process unless all the programs to be disabled gets selected
  • Finally, close Task manager Window and restart your PC to apply the saved changes.

Solution 3: Reboot Your Router

Power-cycle your modem and router by following these steps:

reboot your router to fix network issues

  • Switch off and unplug your power source from modem/router. Similarly, turn off your devices like a PC or laptop.
  • Leave all of them unplugged for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug-in back your modem/router and verify for a good Internet signal.

Solution 4: Clear Footprints

Some programs keep running on your device automatically. To clear them all, so you can have a good running Desktop Gold on your device- check out these steps:

clear footprints from aol destop gold

  • Login AO.L. Desktop Gold using your authenticated credentials.
  • Click on Settings icon in top menu bar.
  • Then, click on Security tab in the newly opened window.
  • Choose each file and data that you’d like to clear from the system’s memory.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Clear Footprints Now’.

Important: You must clear the cache through ‘browser cache checkbox’ every time when you quit AO.L. Desktop Gold.

Solution 5: Fix Using Command Prompt

To fix slow running AO.L. Desktop Gold, you must:

netsh winsock reset

  • Open command prompt from start windows button in your PC.
  • Make sure you open cmd with a right-click by selecting an option-‘Run as administrator.’
  • In the black opened screen, type ‘netsh Winsock reset’ & hit ENTER.
  • After the action completes on command prompt screen- Restart your PC.

Now, again launch AO.L. Desktop Gold software & check- if this resolution helped you fix the error or not!

Solution 6: Run Registry Cleaner

If still, AO.L. Desktop gold is slow that it’s near unusable, then follow this advanced troubleshooting process.

Important: We highly recommend asking for experts help in order to execute these steps- in case, you aren’t a tech geek.

fix bad registry using registry cleaner

  • Firstly, to install a registry cleaner app, select ‘Custom Install’-> uncheck ‘Install Auslogics Bootspeed’ option-> and click on Install

Important: Create a system restore point for drive C.

  • Open the app and then, pre-scan a checklist of registry to find all problematic entries.
  • Explore the displayed list and perform a search using registry keys or value to find the exact entry that causes problem with some risk.
  • On finding it, click ‘Repair’ to remove.

Note: By default, all the registry entries are selected, so make sure you know- which one to delete.

For other alternative methods to clean registry files, we suggest calling our experts.