AO.L. Mail on Android not Working – Need Help!

Published On: January 31, 2019 Category: Guide

Feeling frustrate due to AO.L. mail on Android not working?

Not to worry! Just discover the right solution to your problem and load your AO.L. mail on android device easily.

AO.L. Mail on Android not Working

Note: Before you start with this troubleshooting, make sure that you have installed Google Chrome or Chrome-based browser on your android device.

Troubleshoot: AO.L. mail on Android not working

Whether AO.L. mail stops working on android suddenly or not responding to your mobile from the beginning- both the scenarios are co-related.

Therefore, implement the following solutions in the given order unless you can’t access your AO.L. mail in android device.

Solution 1: Update Device Firmware

You must be aware that AO.L. mail keeps updating itself for smooth operation. This property also indicates that your AO.L. mail will work on android device- if it’s not outdated.

And, to keep the software of your Android device updated:

Android device updated

  • Open Settings in your Android device like mobile.
  • Select ‘About Phone’ option-> and, click on ‘Check for Updates.’

Note: If there’re any updates available, you will see the notification along with an Update button next to it.

  • Click on Update button and follow on-screen instructions to complete your reboot and install update process on the device.

Important: The terms used to update Android software may vary in different devices. However, the process will remain same.

Solution 2: Force stop and restart your AO.L. mail

To fix AO.L. mail on Android not responding- make sure to use a verified version 4.4 or later, else these steps will not help you fix the error.

force stop AOL email android

  • Open Settings in your Android device
  • Then, tap on Apps option and click on AO.L..
  • Select ‘Force Stop’ and again click Force Stop in prompted window to confirm the action.
  • At last, after 30 seconds- again launch your AO.L. mail on android device and check-if your AO.L. mail not working on Android issue has resolved or not.

Can’t Open AO.L. Mail on Android?

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Solution 3: Delete the AO.L. mail app and Re-install

If your AO.L. mail still troubling you then, check out these steps:

  • Open Android device Settings-> click on Apps-> and, then on AO.L..
  • From the listed option, tap on Uninstall-> then, on OK button to confirm the action.

Now again, download and install AO.L. mail on your device.

If you are facing AO.L. mail sign-in error even after re-install then, see the guide to fix AO.L. sign-in issue.

Advanced Solution to AO.L. mail not responding on Android

Alike many email software & applications, AO.L. mail also has certain account settings that require you to update IMAP or POP3 settings.

The information for those AO.L. Mail POP and IMAP settings are provided in the table:


Server Settings

Port Settings


 Incoming mail server (POP3):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):



 Incoming mail server (IMAP):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


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How to Add Your AO.L. Account to Android Using IMAP?

Now, you know the server settings for your AO.L. mail to work on Android device. However, if you need help on how to do it- then, check out these easy-to-implement steps:

  • Click on AO.L. mail icon on your Android
  • Next, type the AO.L. mail login credentials and after, click on Manual Setup button.
  • From the next screen, select IMAP account-> provide your email address, password, and type the other settings provided in the table above.
  • Finally, click on done button, once you complete the details.

Now, try checking your AO.L. mail account on android device.

Still AO.L. mail on Android not working?

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