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Published On: January 21, 2019 Category: Guide

More than 80% users are done with AOL Desktop Gold upgrade. However, if you are amongst 20% of other users then, it’s HIGH TIME, you change your mind!

Because sooner or later, the advantage of accessing AOL emails via older AOL Desktop might be closed. Besides this, there’s not much change in new AOL Desktop Gold in respect of look and feel.

In fact, you’ll now get more features and entertainment entities in newer AOL Gold.

AOL Desktop To AOL Desktop Gold Upgarde

Meet Your AOL Eligibility for AOL Gold Upgrade

Now, if you have made your mind to upgrade from old AOL Desktop to new AOL Gold then, implement the steps explained ahead.

Before right away jumping to the process of AOL Desktop Gold Download and upgrade, ensure your system and other hardware requirements are fulfilled.

Check out the list below!!

Operating System: Windows 10, 8, or 7

Processor: At least 266 MHz or higher

Memory: At least 1 GB RAM, 512 MB Free Disk Space

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Internet: Fast, stable and Unlimited

Account: One current AOL or Verizon account (must)

Hope, in today’s era, your system has these minimum specifications (mentioned above).

How to upgrade free AOL Desktop to new AOL Gold? – Know Here

Steps to upgrade AOL Gold for old AOL Desktop members:

  • Open your AOL Desktop or Verizon account-which you were accessing to check your old AOL emails.
  • Next, call Email Desktop Gold experts, if you are still not AOL Gold Advanced Plan members and let them help you subscribe for the same.
  • Once you become AOL Advantage Plan members, go to the “Products” section.
  • Along with other AOL Products, you can see AOL Desktop gold in the list.
  • Click on AOL Desktop Gold download button in the section and let the process begin.

In case, you see the deactivated button of download AOL Desktop Gold, click the button in the link provided: Download AOL Gold Desktop

Steps to upgrade AOL Gold for Trial Members:

To get started with AOL Gold upgrade in Windows or Mac operating system:

  • Open AOL Gold account and go to “Manage My Subscription” section.
  • Then, on the opened page, scroll down to click on “Upgrade Now” button.
  • Your process of upgrading to AOL Desktop Gold Advantage Plan membership will begin without any hassle.

Facing problem while upgrading AOL Desktop to new AOL gold?

Call Desktop Gold team @855-500-8462

After upgrading you may face below problem with solution to link.

  1. AOL desktop gold icon missing
  2. AOL desktop gold Icon not responding
  3. AOL Desktop gold Video wont play
  4. AOL desktop gold error 104
  5. Unable to print from AOL desktop gold
  6. Fix AOL Gold Login Issues
  7. Get AD free AOL Desktop Gold.

Final Steps to Upgrade AOL Gold

Hope, all old AOL Desktop users you are now ready to upgrade to new AOL Desktop Gold!

Old AOL Desktop members:

  • Double-click AOL Desktop Gold downloaded file.
  • The prompted window will ask you to import old data like AOL emails, favorites, toolbars, and address book.
  • If you haven’t created a backup file, click on Import button to get all your settings in newer AOL Gold version.
  • Once the import process completes, click on “Install_Now” button to begin AOL Gold installation.

Important: You may be asked to share your AOL Desktop account credentials for confirmation of identity and valid membership. So, do provide it!

If your AOL Gold icon is not visible, follow the steps in guide to fix AOL Gold icon missing issue.

Free Trial Members

  • When you click on the “Upgrade” button, the process will begin to convert your trial membership into the advanced plan.

Congratulations, on becoming the advanced plan member of AOL Gold! You may now enjoy all the AOL Desktop Gold new features and entertainment facilities.

  • When you login AOL Desktop Gold account for the first time, a popup-preference box will open (asking you to provide usernames for the account- you want to enable AOL Gold features).

Note: You may change these preferences in the Marketing Preferences Center of your AOL Gold account.

In case, you are facing any issue while upgrading old AOL Desktop or your trial membership, read the troubleshooting guide to fix AOL Gold Upgrade problems.

Still Can’t Upgrade AOL Gold?

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