Ad free AOL mail for Desktop Gold |How to enable AOL mail Ad Blocker

Published On: January 21, 2019 Category: Guide

Want an Ad-free AOL mail for Desktop gold?

Are you annoyed of seeing Ads even after activating AOL Adblocker?

After all, who doesn’t!!

Understanding your need and cause of irritation- we’ll help you troubleshoot AOL Ads issue with the following solutions.

Ad free AOL mail for Desktop Gold

How to create Ad-free AOL mail for Desktop Gold- Here’s the Answer!

With no more fuss, let’s straightway start with the steps to eliminate paid AOL Gold inbox Ads.

  • Before you turn off ads from AOL Gold mail page- you must know the system requirements to do so.

Prerequisites for Ad-Free Mail in AOL Desktop Gold

system requirment, ad free aol mail for desktop gold

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor Speed: 266 MHz or faster
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM; 512 MB disk space
  • Network: Good and stable Internet connection
  • AOL Software: AOL Desktop Gold 11.0.1972 or higher

Note: The latest version of AOL Gold software is must. In case, you’re using an old one, download AOL Desktop Gold (new).

  • Once all the above-stated requirements are met- Sign in your AOL Gold account with the username (for which you wish to block pop-up ads)

Login to aol desktop gold

  • Then, through options, enter “Ad-free Mail for AOL Desktop gold activation” page.

activate ad free aol email exprience

  • If you’re an Advantage AOL Plan member, scroll down to ‘Activate Now’ button.

Note: In case, your AOL membership has expired or you haven’t subscribed for Advantage plan membership, contact Email Desktop gold experts. And, purchase you AOL Gold subscription

Important: If you want to block pop-up ads in AOL Desktop Gold account with another username then, either subscribe for ad-free AOL mail service separately or switch your AOL Gold account under the same subscription.

Cant Enable AOL mail Ad blocker?

Call Email Desktop Gold Support team

@1-855-500-8462 for Solution

How to Get Rid of AOL Ads in Another account?

To stop ads-pop up in AOL mail or Desktop Gold for more than one username- subscribe separately for each account by paying $4.99 per month.

However, if you don’t wish to make any separate AOL Gold payment, then follow the below-given steps:

  • Sign in your ‘MyBenefit’ account with the username that has Ad-Free Mail Activation service.
  • Then, click on ‘Activated’ tab.
  • On the window, scroll down to ‘Ad-free mail for AOL Desktop Gold’ benefit section.
  • Tap on Deactivate button and later, again click ‘Deactivate’ button on confirmation.
  • Sign out from the account and now, login AOL Desktop Gold account with the username (that you wish to see without paid AOL Ads).
  • Then, again under options, go to Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold activation page and search for Activate. button. If the signed in AOL Gold account is eligible for this benefit, you’ll see the action being done.
  • Finally, sign out from AOL Desktop gold account and then, again Sign in using the same username to bring the action into force.

some time users cant see desktop gold icon in windows or mac system in that case you must read “AOL desktop Gold icon Missing Guide

Why am I still seeing Ads-pop up in AOL Desktop Gold?

Hope you have met the above-defined prerequisites and tried the explained solutions to block ads in AOL Desktop Gold email?

If not, follow those troubleshooting steps- FIRST!!

However, if the AOL email ad blocker doesn’t work for you, even after trying the above fixes then, let the below stated answers help you!

  • Opt out of AOL Webmail pop-ups in Desktop Gold software by deactivating the action through
  • If you see AOL ads in Desktop Gold account at places other than Mail inbox then, remember- these must be non-paid AOL ads.

Note: These ads are actually displayed to keep you aware of recent AOL upgrades, changes, or any other AOL products relating news. So, you can enjoy AOL Gold error-free.

  • Besides this, if you have any email address other than that of AOL, AIM, or Verizon- then, you’ll continue to see AOL paid ads.

Still cannot remove ads from mail console of AOL Gold?

Call Desktop Gold team

@1-855-500-8462 for Quick Fix

If you are looking for help relating download AOL Gold or install AOL Gold software, check out Assist by Email Desktop Gold team.

Points to Remember for Ad-free AOL mail for Desktop Gold

Some of the essentials that you must adhere to help yourself during Ad-free AOL mail activation are:

  • Purchase Ad-Free AOL mail account service. The service is available for all users with an AOL account.
  • You can buy Ad-Free AOL Gold service for your own username. To avail the same service for other usernames on your account, make the payment separately.
  • Once you make payment for ad-free AOL mail for Desktop Gold account, you don’t need to activate the services manually. In fact, the AOL ads will be removed automatically after the subscription.
  • Your AOL Advantage Plan already includes Ad-Free mail service (Terms & conditions applied).

You can disable AOL Ads in Desktop gold mail service for only one username per account. If you wish to avail the service for other usernames on the account then, make a purchase for subscription.

Overall, Ad-free AOL mail for Desktop gold is quite easy to activate. All you need is right guidance with relevant solution. However, if your AOL ad blocker is still not working or responding,

Then contact Email Desktop Gold 24*7 live support team to further help you resolve your critical error.