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Aol Email FAQs

  • This error message refers to Error Code 2600. In case your account has violated any AOL Mail’s terms and conditions, your account will be blocked or stand cancelled temporarily. To unlock it, contact the AOL mail service provider and get the issue fixed sooner.
  • Follow these steps to fix the error:
    1. Start by repairing or modifying registry entries associated with AOL mail error 521.
    2. Next, run spyware software onto your system and clean out all the junk files and folders in it.
    3. Also, update all the drivers of your device and select Windows System Restore option to undo any recent changes made to the system.
    4. Next, re-install the AOL program by uninstalling the previous software.
    5. Finally, perform a clean window installation, complete window update, and run window Systems file checker to fix the error.
  • To recover AOL mail data or password, you need to complete the below-described process manually.
    1. Before starting with the process, make sure you’re not running AOL on your system.
    2. Next, try log on to AOL account with your screen name.
    3. Then, search your computer with a file named "(your AOL screen name).abi".
    4. Usually, the file is placed in the folder named organize. In fact, it has a typical location in the ‘C’ drive.
    5. Next, go one directory above from the organize folder and rename it as "".
    6. Now, move another directory up and select the folder containing a backup copy of old organize folder in a new window.
    7. Here, feature the backup organize folder and Press Ctrl+C on keyboard.
    8. Now, turn to AOL folder window that contains Highlight the folder and Press Ctrl+V on the keyboard.
    9. Now, Sign in to AOL and check, if everything is in place or not. If it’s a yes, delete the organize. Save
    However, if the process seems complicated, contact Tech Support for AOL to help recover your password or AOL mail account.
  • To set up Gmail account as an AOL mail destination account, follow these steps:
    1. Open the browser window and sign-In to your Gmail account.
    2. Now, click Gear icon, which is available on the right side of the dashboard.
    3. Next, click on Settings and select accounts and Import tab under it.
    4. Then, tap-on Import Mail and Contacts.
    5. Now, type the AOL mail address information and tick the appropriate checkboxes for importing existing messages, contacts, and new emails.
    6. Finally, click Start Import option and save it.
    7. You can now check your Gmail account for the emails with AOL address.
  • Those looking to change AOL mail settings or personalized their AOL mail account can follow the simple steps given ahead:
    1. Go to official login web page of AOL mail account.
    2. Type your username and password to sign-In your mail account.
    3. Now, below the username, click on Mail Settings. A new window will open.
    4. Here, select the tab for which you want to change the settings. And after making necessary changes, make sure to save them.
  • Generally, the AOL mailbox doesn’t clean automatically, if you’re a subscribed member of Desktop Gold or accessing your account regularly. However, if you are using AOL free services or account and haven’t access it for more than 90 days, your mailbox will be cleaned the next time you sign-In, as per the Terms and Conditions of AOL. In case, you do not fall under the above-mentioned category, check trash, spam, and saved mail folder (as you may have accidentally moved the emails). Apart from these places, you can even try finding them in an email client like Outlook (if you have “POP” your email into 3rd party account). Besides this, there are chances that your emails are getting to some unknown folder instead of Inbox. Therefore, delete incoming mail filter and check for the destination of delivered messages. Note: Sometimes, this also indicates that your AOL mail account has been hacked. So, analyze and manage account activity to detect any suspicious activity, if it occurs.
  • Sometimes, the internal memory (RAM) gets over-flooded; as a result, you need to restart the system to fix the issue. In case, the problem still prevails, this means the issue is with the current browser, enabled pop-up-blocking software/system firewall, or overloaded history, cookie, and cache memory. Try fixing these issues on your own, else get in touch with Tech Support for AOL.
  • If you’re facing difficulties while getting emails to your account, try the below solutions to fix the problem.
    1. Delete Cookies, Cache, History, and Footprints
    2. Adjust the Web Settings
    3. Enable Java Applet Scripting and Cookies.
    However, if you’re still facing the issue, log out from mail account and try signing-In again after a while.
  • If you’re troubled with sign-In process of AOL mail account, try diagnosing the problem first; as, there are ample of glitches that can lead to this issue. For instance, your username and password may be incorrect, the cache memory of your PC is overloaded, your browser security settings have changed, the Java plug-in is disabled and many other similar causes can relate to this issue here.