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Aol Desktop Gold FAQs

  • To enable/disable the password manager, try these given steps ahead.
    1. In Desktop Gold, click on Keyword Menu and select Go To Keyword from the drop-down list.
    2. Now, in the opened window, type Browser settings and Click Enter.
    3. Next, click on Browser Tab on the left side of the window.
    4. A new window will open, where you need to select Password Tab.
    5. Then, check the box in front of “Offer to save Passwords I enter on the web.”
    6. Finally, click on exit and save the password manager enable settings.
    Note: The same process also works for disabling the password manager.
  • Desktop Gold software is available for both Windows and MAC. In fact, it is a leading email service provider from Apple that offers several features like automatic updates, enhanced speed and security, and easy transition from the old version. So, call on immediately to Tech Support for Desktop Gold and get started with the software on your device.
  • If your login screen is missing, try the following solutions to fix the problem Delete Cookies, History, Cache, and Footprints These are temporary internet files, which are created when you visit a website. In fact, these files are sometimes the major cause of this issue. Therefore, you must delete them in order to get back login screen. Here is the standard described method that explains how the cookies, cache, and history can be cleared in Internet Explorer.
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Click on the icon present at the top-right corner of the window.
    3. Select Internet Options from the Drop-down list.
    4. Next, under the General tab, click on Delete button. A window will open.
    5. Here, check the boxes in front of Cookies, Cache, and History to delete these temporary files.
    Next, click on Delete and OK button to complete the process Adjust Web Settings The browser settings may change if you install multiple browsers on your system. Thus, in order to mark default settings to your web,
    1. First, open Internet Explorer and next click on the icon (present at the top right corner of the window).
    2. Now, click Internet options and under Advanced Tab, click on Reset button.
    3. In the next window, click Delete Personal Settings and then, Reset to complete the web setting process.
    You can try these solutions one-by-one and check if it solves the problem. However, if you face any issues, get in touch with email experts to help in this regard.
  • Termed as a browser application, you need to follow below-mentioned steps in order to change AOL Desktop Gold as the default browser.
    1. Start by launching Desktop Gold browser.
    2. Next, sign-In to your account by using authenticated username and password.
    3. Then, click on Settings and open General Tab to select Default action button.
    4. Again, open a new browser window and under the Default Tab, select Web Browser setting section.
    5. Next, from the drop-down list, select AOL Desktop Gold to successfully change the browser setting.
    If AOL Desktop Gold starts working as default browser then, it’s good. Otherwise, you must contact Tech support team to help you with the best possible solution
  • AOL Desktop Gold icon on the desktop is a shortcut path to open the software. Sometimes, this icon is unable to access files from the software. Therefore, to check the issue, you must:
    1. Right-click on the icon and next, on its properties.
    2. Now, in the opened dialogue box, check for the targeted file and copy the link to paste in the explorer.
    3. This way, you can check for the available files in the folder. If there aren’t any files, you must delete the icon.
    4. Now, open C:\Program Files\AOL Gold and search the icon.
    5. Then, check whether the program is running from this icon. In case, it’s a yes, right click on the icon and creates a new shortcut from it on the desktop.
    However, if the Desktop Gold shortcut icon is not responding or there is any other related issue, you are facing, give a call at Tech Support for AOL Desktop Gold and get a respite of all your concerns.
  • Sometimes, during software installation, users may forget to select the checkbox asking for shortcut icon creation. However, you can still create it by once launching the software. Just click on Help menu in Desktop Gold and select ‘Create New Desktop Shortcut’ from the drop-down menu. This will help you resolve the problem.
  • When the downloaded file of AOL Desktop Gold software is corrupt or if the installation of this software doesn’t complete, you may get an error-104 on your screen. In order to resolve this crashing program issue, try downloading the file again and scan it before installation. In case, the problem still prevails, try consulting right experts for a relevant solution.

  • To purchase AOL Desktop Gold, you must have an AIM, AOL, or Verizon account. Next, sign-In to get started with the process (that will depend on the membership you hold). In case, you wish to go for the trial version first, pay subscription fees for 30 days and get an access to AOL. However, if you want to end the service, it’s wise to cancel it before the trial period ends. Else, you’ll be charged a subscription fee for the next month.
  • AOL Desktop Gold has ample of phenomenal features that magnetize people across the world. Popularly known to function smoothly, it has also emerged as one the most reliable software in the market. Its security features have taken the protection of sensitive data from all the way to a new level.