How Can I recover AOL mail account or its password?

Published On: June 12, 2018 Category:

To recover AOL mail data or password, you need to complete the below-described process manually.

  1. Before starting with the process, make sure you’re not running AOL on your system.
  2. Next, try log on to AOL account with your screen name.
  3. Then, search your computer with a file named “(your AOL screen name).abi”.
  4. Usually, the file is placed in the folder named organize. In fact, it has a typical location in the ‘C’ drive.
  5. Next, go one directory above from the organize folder and rename it as “”.
  6. Now, move another directory up and select the folder containing a backup copy of old organize folder in a new window.
  7. Here, feature the backup organize folder and Press Ctrl+C on keyboard.
  8. Now, turn to AOL folder window that contains Highlight the folder and Press Ctrl+V on the keyboard.
  9. Now, Sign in to AOL and check, if everything is in place or not. If it’s a yes, delete the organize. Save

However, if the process seems complicated, contact Tech Support for AOL to help recover your password or AOL mail account.