How can I find missing emails from my AOL Mail inbox?

Published On: June 12, 2018 Category:

Generally, the AOL mailbox doesn’t clean automatically, if you’re a subscribed member of Desktop Gold or accessing your account regularly. However, if you are using AOL free services or account and haven’t access it for more than 90 days, your mailbox will be cleaned the next time you sign-In, as per the Terms and Conditions of AOL.

In case, you do not fall under the above-mentioned category, check trash, spam, and saved mail folder (as you may have accidentally moved the emails). Apart from these places, you can even try finding them in an email client like Outlook (if you have “POP” your email into 3rd party account).

Besides this, there are chances that your emails are getting to some unknown folder instead of Inbox. Therefore, delete incoming mail filter and check for the destination of delivered messages.

Note: Sometimes, this also indicates that your AOL mail account has been hacked. So, analyze and manage account activity to detect any suspicious activity, if it occurs.