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Whether it's Windows 7, 8, 10, or Mac OS, now complete AOL Desktop Gold setup with the following steps:

Reinstall AOL Gold - During Advantage Plan Membership


If you're still included in the Desktop Gold- Advantage Plan, the process will be quite easy for you. Feel delighted because no additional cost needs to be made for AOL Desktop Gold purchase.

  • For secure and error-free AOL Gold setup, remove any installed AOL program from the system. You may also download AOL Desktop Gold setup file again- as, the old AOL Gold extension on your system may be corrupt!
  • Scan the AOL extension file to reconfirm- whether it's corrupt or not!
  • Later, disable all security programs like firewall, windows defender, and even your system's anti-virus.
  • Next, right click on AOL Desktop Gold installation file and uncheck the option- "Run as an administrator." In case, the option doesn't disable, you may even force the program to run as an administrator using cmd script.
  • Other way is- create a targeted shortcut of the AOL Desktop Gold installer and use it with a command on cmd to reinstall AOL Gold.
  • Disable the running communication software or perform a Boot Clean process on your device- if all the above troubleshooting steps are intermittent.
  • Note: For more solutions relating software or desktop gold browser error, you can refer the troubleshooting guides.
Download AOL Desktop Gold for Windows With Membership

Process to reinstall Desktop Gold on Windows

After following the above explained troubleshooting steps to execute AOL Desktop Gold reinstall, let's get started!

  • Double-click AOL Desktop Gold download file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.
  • During the process, provide your AOL Gold username and password in prompted file and confirm your identity and membership.
  • Finally, click on 'Finish' button and restart your computer or Laptop to initiate AOL Gold software.

Desktop Gold Reinstall Steps for Advanced Plan Members

The following Desktop Gold troubleshooting steps stay valid- if you're a subscribed member of AOL Desktop Gold. In case, your membership has expired or lapsed, you can reactivate it accessing the services of Desktop Gold Support.

  • Remember, your Internet connection and router are the main keys during AOL Desktop Gold download and reinstall.
  • Henceforth, connect your router to Internet and customize its MTU, TCP MS, and other wireless settings, like security options and channel bandwidth. You need to login router settings using any browser. For information on router's default login credentials, go to the link and find your related data.
  • After making necessary changes in Internet settings, scan the AOL Desktop gold download Mac extension- as the file may be corrupt.
  • In case, the file is corrupt, reset system settings and delete the old AOL Gold installer. Choose to download AOL Desktop Gold Mac version from a reliable source.
Note: Can't get through the download? Know how to fix AOL Desktop Gold download error 104 with easy instructions.
Download AOL Desktop Gold For Mac With Membership

Process to reinstall Desktop Gold on Mac

Once the above defined troubleshooting steps are implemented, reinstall AOL Gold!

  • Double-click on AOL Desktop Gold Mac installer, and tap on Continue button to begin the process.
  • Further, check the box with 'I agree' statement and again tap on 'Continue' button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. During the procedure, provide right AOL login credentials to confirm your identity and membership plan.
  • Now, wait patiently for the AOL Desktop Gold to reinstall on Mac.


Steps to troubleshoot AOL Gold icon missing

AOL Desktop Gold icon not responding- Troubleshooting

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Can't Reinstall on New PC

Corrupt Installer

Reinstall Error after OS Update

Can't Reinstall AOL Gold on New PC

Replaced hard drive or your whole system? Tried but failed to reinstall Desktop Gold program on new hardware?- Learn to Fix the error!

What to do- if unable to install AOL Desktop Gold on New PC or hard drive?

First of all don't panic if you see any error in this situation!

Instead, feel delighted- as you can reinstall AOL Desktop gold either using compact disk or via Internet.

Access Compact Disk to Setup AOL Account on New PC

  • Firstly, insert AOL Desktop Gold CD in the system's disc.
  • Generally, the AOL Gold program in CD starts automatically. However, if it doesn't initiate- navigate to the file and double click to launch AOL Gold installer.
  • Click "Advanced Plan member" in the setup wizard window and type your authenticated login credentials to confirm the validity of AOL membership. Make sure, you are connected to Internet during the procedure.
  • Once the verification completes, follow the on-screen instructions to setup AOL Desktop Gold on your new PC. In case, it's just a new hard drive, select the destination folder and click OK to complete AOL Desktop Gold reinstall process.

Corrupt Installer - Can't reinstall AOL Gold

When AOL Desktop Gold doesn't respond immediate after setup - it implies you have installed the corrupt AOL Desktop Gold download extension.

What to do in this scenario?

  • Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold program from the system and also, delete the present AOL Desktop Gold download file.
  • Next, search for the reliable AOL Desktop Gold download source and double click on installer to complete the procedure.
  • Once the AOL installer is saved on your PC, scan it using the anti-virus or any other scanner tool on your PC. If the scanner reports any suspicious element in the AOL Desktop Gold installer, look out for some other source. Otherwise, you can begin with the AOL Desktop gold reinstall process immediately!

Unable to reinstall AOL Gold after OS Update

If you see an AOL error message, "Run your software program as a normal user instead of an administrator," then- here's the troubleshooting steps for it:

  • Right-click on AOL Desktop Gold installer and uncheck "Run as an administrator".
  • Next, try to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold.
  • If the error still stays, open command prompt and run the concerned cmd script to force the AOL Desktop Gold program to reinstall as a normal user.

You may also try system clean boot process to fix the error.

  • Enter 'msconfig' to open 'System Configuration' window.
  • Next, under 'Services' tab, select 'Hide all Microsoft services' checkbox and click 'Disable all' button.
  • Then, open Task Manager and navigate to 'Startup' tab for disabling all programs.

Important: While following the steps to reinstall AOL Gold, if you are bothered by any desktop gold error messages- check out its troubleshooting guide.

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